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Turbo740 has started a donation pool!
367 / 800

AAaaand... It's gone. I am officially pointless. The points i have remaining are being saved to pay off the commissions people Owe me

Paid AFTER I get them

Paid BEFORE but not recieved yet

And people i requested stuff from
Hopefully, when they're done they will be added here for everyone to see
Like most of these ==>

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Custom Cutie Mark Vectors

Skypaw cutie marks by Turbo740Bonnie Bow Cutie marks by Turbo740
25 points per cutie mark

Need help designing a cutie mark for your OC? or just want a clean Vector version of it for others to use? I'll create multiple versions and idea's for it and you can pick the best one.

(I'll upload both a transparent .PNG version and the Vector file if needed)
(Send a note if you want to request)

Look, I got Premium again :D

Also, this box looks pretty badass, too bad i can only use it for the custom boxes though :(



OC Interview - Blackout

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 11:20 AM
From :icongravityx0:

Hi! Would you introduce yourself?

"No,  Turbo's Forcing me into the Interview and i'm too tired for this right now"
"Fine, My Name's Blackout, Lets just get this over with"

That's nice. Would you like some coffee or tea?

"Tea. I don't drink Coffee"

If you were an animal, what would you be?

"I'm Already an animal, A Pegasus"

I can imagine… What cake would you be?

"What kind of stupid question is that... I'll answer Chocolate cake, otherwise this interview will never end"

If you became an idol, how many fans would you have?

"I don't care, I don't like publicity that much"

How would your mate react if you would say "Would you marry me" down on your kneels?

"I Wouldn't do that, and i don't have a mate, just friends"

Imagine him/her to catwalk. What will happen?

"I have no idea what that's supposed to mean"

Now questions about your feelings and thoughts towards him/her.

"This is the part where Turbo Talks instead right? Ok"
*Blackout walks out of the room for now*

What did you think when you saw him/her first time? What was your first impression of him/her?

She looks strong, and likes Baseball... and i don't want to get on her bad side. Again.

What are the best features in him/her?

She's a good Flier, Likes helping ponies out when there's big trouble, Good at fighting and weather manipulation

What are the nastiest features?

She's a bit stubborn and has a short temper

What do you think, would he/she kill?

She's killed things in the past out of self defense, she'll probably do it in the future if she has to

If would, then why?

I... just said why?...

Could you see him/her in marriage with someone?


Seme or uke? Tell us why.

I have no idea what either of those words mean

Hero or villain? And again, why?

Hero... Kind of, She's not evil, but tends to do things differently to everyone else

"No pain, no gain." Would he/she say that?

Yes, She put copper through a three month training programme to toughen him up a few years ago
That's interesting… Have you ever discovered him/her in embarrassing situations?
Yes, i once caught her with racket fu... I'm gonna stop before she hears me, otherwise i'm gonna get in trouble for saying this
Everyone has some weakness. Which are chinks in his/her armour?
Water, and anything explosive
Has he/she ever been broken-hearted?
I'm not entirely sure, she's kind of protective about her past
What makes him/her extremely happy?
Bubblegum, Baseball, and Looking after Dusty
What he/she would never say publicly but has told to you about it?
That she's always wanted a foal, but couldn't because of her condition, that's why she adopted dusty
Before this ends…
Should we tell him/her about this interview?
*Blackout walks in from the other room*
"I've been here the entire time, of course i know everything about the interview"

Thank you for interview. Could you tag someone before you leave?

Journal History

Should i make Scepter versions of all my OC's? 

6 deviants said A few more can't hurt... right?
4 deviants said No
3 deviants said STAHP!
3 deviants said *See the answers*
1 deviant said Maybe just one more


Turbo740's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi my names Turbo and i draw stuff in my spare time, i'm not very good with introductions or writing about myself so here a few facts about me.
Things i draw
-Homestuck related things
-People - extremely bad at proportions and faces

-( ) Plush of one of my OCs
-( ) God tier hoodie

Banners created by my friend :iconkyr-r33vy:


Copper compass by Turbo740Caramel-Sundae by Turbo740Blackout Pulse by Turbo740Xander daktari by Turbo740Caliber Curse by Turbo740Anadelta by Turbo740Racket by Turbo740Blackout Pulse Fly by Turbo740Blackout Pulse Fly by Turbo740Firecracker Bouncing by DaydreamSyndromDuckfoot by kittyheadcaseBlackout TPP by DJ-Rainbow-DashBlackout stare Icon (Animated) by Turbo740Blackout 1 by Turbo740Blackout Pixel icon2 by Turbo740:thumb371751704:LittleCakieOwO Blackout Icon Animated by Turbo740

Dis Guy. by Clitical-Hit:thumb351355261:Copper Compass by ChimajraCopper cutie mark by Turbo740Request: Fallout Cooper (OC) by MrHalibootCopper Compass by LigerStormFree Commission for Turbo740 by AwkwardNutellaCommission: Copper by Mana646Turbo740 OC request by Baa-Chan01Abanondoned- 10 point comission by colgatetailCopper compass pony oc request by holyhell111Request: Copper Compass by Mossie55Copper by MidevilgirlCopper compass BBBFF by Turbo740Copper (Oc Request for Turbo470) by stRliteCommission - Copper by Zim-LovaaCopper Compass by MinnesotaWaltersstrut:. by matsuwolfess:Request 6: Turbo740 by DJRezurrectRequest- Hugs for a brother! by gwarrior456Caramel Sundae by Turbo740Request for Turbo740 by EmilisparklesCommission: Turbo740 by Evertide-SongMLP Strut (Request) by UTAUWatcher

Wanna Have a Swing At It? by Clitical-HitRQ: a smoothy REALLY by ulquiorra44Blackout 'GRAND SLAM' Pulse by Turbo740:thumb348361415:Fighting is Magic: Blackout by Turbo740Blackout 'Grand Slam' Pulse by DJ-Rainbow-DashBlackout by ChimajraCommission for Turbo by Aqua-Spirit22commishion: blackout pulse by twilightsilvermoonRequest for Turbo740 by BeOvahBlackout Pulse for Turbo740 by IAMGERMANANDSTUFFMLP OC Request - Turbo740 by LazingAbout94Blackout by moondramonBlackout Pulse by Turbo740Blackout Pulse new cutie mark Design by Turbo740:thumb370727589:Blackout Pulse by BaroquetteDevaiantart 13th Birthday Celebration - First RP by Turbo740

Racket by Astrid66Thordottir:thumb348360450:Pshyco Racket by twisonshadsilvamyRACKET by Turbo740:thumb353560381:Racket OC by ninnymuffinRequest from Turbo740 by DaponynatorBlackout and Racket by Turbo740:thumb371856239:Racket by BaroquetteRequest:Racket and the Cave by marky1212

Commission: Clockwork by StarletNightwindCommission: Clockwork and Lemon Snicket by StarletNightwindcommission - Turbo740's OC ~ Clockwork by monakalizaADVENTURE! (Art Trade with Turbo740) by CloudsofCrystalMLP adoptable choose your price by MeltyeggClockwork cutie mark by Turbo740Clockwork keyes - New deviant ID by Turbo740Clockwork reference 1 by MrHalibootClockwork reference 2 by MrHalibootPC(1/2)-ClockWork by Golden-flyClockwork Keys (OC Request) by TheShadowStonelatest comishion for turbo740 by twilightsilvermoon[Request] Clockwork by cooler94961Clockwork REQUEST by SketchceeRequest: Clockwork Vector by JordiLa-ForgeCommission - Clockwork by……

-Requested- Xander by HeatwaveMakesArtXander by IAmADinosaurRARRRXander by shadowman7890pony commish by twilightsilvermoonHellooo Xander REQUEST by SketchceeXander by Srogerss1Turbo740 OC request by Baa-Chan01

Link to my webcam so i can find that pic again……


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Gravityx0 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconkissingplz: Have your daily kissu icon c;
Turbo740 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In Love ~:heart:

Sorry that i haven't been very active on deviantart lately :(
Gravityx0 10 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's okay ;w;
Gravityx0 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your webcam..


wat!? XDDD

lyra is just like

o_o < i get this shit every day...
Gravityx0 Apr 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mordor is Red
Elf blades glow blue
The ring is precious
And so are you :heart: :iconkissingplz:
Turbo740 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My T-shirt is orange,
The sky is bright blue,
I suck at poetry,
But i love you ~:heart:

trying not to laugh

that was amazing

made meh feel special

oh that wasnt for me

ill go back to the best friend corner then .3.
Gravityx0 Apr 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww c: :heart:
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